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Salsa Verde 2013-11-07

We had a taco bar and salsa contest at work today so I made some salsa verde.


First, husk and rinse a bunch of tomatillos. I used a pound and a half.


Cut up a bunch of peppers. You can take the seeds out if you are a wuss.


Add an onion and some garlic and salt to taste. Put it all in a baking dish with a bit of oil.


Roast everything at 375°F until the tomatillos are squishy (about 45 minutes).


Add a cup of fresh cilantro.


Blend it all together.



gfk 2013-09-07

I made a new thing. It is called gfk. You can read about it at

In case you hate clicking links, it's basically a system for storing secret files on a USB drive so that your private keys have two factor authentication.

My goal now is to put something on here before another year passes.